Cops Killed by Gunfire Up 88% in 2016

The number of police officers killed by gunfire so far in 2016 has spiked to 88 percent higher than at this point last year. 

So far, 32 officers have been shot and killed out of a total of 69 on-duty deaths this year, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page.

The numbers lend credence to the notion that officers throughout the country are operating in a much more hostile environment as anti-police hostility has reached a fever-pitch unseen in decades.


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Homicide Rates Spike in Baltimore, DC, St. Louis, and Chicago

A review of several major city homicide rates through late-2015 show that many are likely to see their highest murder totals in recent memory. 

The uptick in violent crime comes amid a national debate on whether an increasingly hostile, anti-police movement across the nation is affecting law enforcement practices and public safety. 

Although these numbers comprise but one metric in a broader analysis of crime in society, the dramatic rise in violence is striking.

Baltimore, arguably the epicenter of hostility toward law enforcement, has seen a particularly steep rise in it's homicide rate.

Homicides - Baltimore

2015 - 305 (through Nov 17)
2014 - 211

Homicides - Washington, D.C. 

2015 - 145 (through Nov 17)
2014 - 105

Homicides - St. Louis

2015 - 173 (through Nov 10)
2014 - 159

Homicides - Chicago

2015 - 418 (through Nov 15)
2014 - 425


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