Kansas Cops Shoot, Kill Triple-Homicide Suspect

Newton, KS police shot and killed a triple-homicide suspect earlier this morning after confronting the shotgun-armed man.

Police had been called to the scene where three bodies were located. Witnesses led police to the suspect, who allegedly was armed with a shotgun and pointed the weapon at officers.

The suspect was shot dead by police. Authorities stated that there may be one additional suspect outstanding; however, they don't believe the public is at any risk.


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Homicide Rates Spike in Baltimore, DC, St. Louis, and Chicago

A review of several major city homicide rates through late-2015 show that many are likely to see their highest murder totals in recent memory. 

The uptick in violent crime comes amid a national debate on whether an increasingly hostile, anti-police movement across the nation is affecting law enforcement practices and public safety. 

Although these numbers comprise but one metric in a broader analysis of crime in society, the dramatic rise in violence is striking.

Baltimore, arguably the epicenter of hostility toward law enforcement, has seen a particularly steep rise in it's homicide rate.

Homicides - Baltimore

2015 - 305 (through Nov 17)
2014 - 211

Homicides - Washington, D.C. 

2015 - 145 (through Nov 17)
2014 - 105

Homicides - St. Louis

2015 - 173 (through Nov 10)
2014 - 159

Homicides - Chicago

2015 - 418 (through Nov 15)
2014 - 425


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