Winnebago County

Security Guard That Shot and Killed Robbery Suspect Will Not Face Charges

A bank security guard and former Winnebago County sheriff's deputy will not face any charges related to the fatal shooting of an attempted armed robbery suspect in January. 

Brian Harrison, a former Winnebago County sheriff's deputy, was working as a security guard at an Alpine Bank on January 20 when armed suspect Laurence Turner, 34, entered the bank and fired a round into the ceiling. 

Harrison immediately returned fire upon Turner, striking him twice. Turner died on scene. 

Harrison has been lauded as a hero for his actions.

"There is no doubt in my mind the actions of Brian Harrison saved the lives of those that were employees in the Alpine Bank location on that date and saved his own life," said Winnebago County State's Attorney Joe Bruscato.

See the VIDEO below. 


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