Wisconsin Inmate Accused of Conspiring to Murder Madison Police Officer

Alijouwon T. Watkins;  Photo: Dane Co. Jail

Alijouwon T. Watkins; Photo: Dane Co. Jail

An inmate serving time in a Wisconsin correctional facility is being accused of conspiring to arrange for the murder of a Madison, WI police officer.

The accused, 20-year old Alijouwon T. Watkins, allegedly took measures to arrange for the murder of a female police officer who had previously arrested Watkins for a domestic violence incident.

Watkins allegedly even went so far as to move money to pay for the murder. The suspect also allegedly knew the officer's personal details, including her address, phone number, and identifying information. 

Authorities say that the officer has been moved to desk duty during the investigation.

They are asking prosecutors to charge Watkins with conspiracy to commit homicide and solicitation to commit perjury (related to an alleged attempt to contrive false witness testimony over his domestic violence case).


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Wisconsin officer assaulted, confronted with chants of, "We need to start killing these officers"

A Madison (WI) police officer was assaulted when a crowd turned on him as he attempted to arrest a battery suspect.

As the officer approached a female suspect that he had witnessed punching a man in the face a large crowd turned against the officer, chanting anti-police rhetoric, including, "We need to start killing these officers."

The daughter of the woman who the officer was attempting to arrest grabbed at the officer and tried to free her mother. The officer was able to take the two women into custody even though he was under assault by the crowd. 

Madison Police Captain Vic Wahl stated, "He was able to literally get assaulted in the midst of a large crowd and still take these women into custody without causing any injuries to anyone."


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