Tipster Says Attack on Philly Cop Was Just The Beginning

Edward Archer;  Photo: Philadelphia Police Dept.

Edward Archer; Photo: Philadelphia Police Dept.

Philadelphia police have received a tip that the man accused of shooting a Philadelphia police officer last week “in the name of Allah” may not have been working alone and that there still could be a tangible threat to law enforcement. 

The tipster stated that Edward Archer, the alleged shooter, was not working alone and that three men were still outstanding, all more radicalized than Archer.

According to the report, all of the men are seeking to attack law enforcement.

Philadelphia police have been working two-man cars since the shooting in an attempt to increase officer safety.

The shooting of Officer Jesse Hartnett was followed by another harrowing incident on early Saturday morning when a man tried to grab the gun of an officer standing guard at the hospital where Officer Hartnett was being treated.

That man was taken into custody without injury. Police say that the incident is unrelated to the Hartnett shooting.


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