Flint, MI Teen Who Shot at Police Will Avoid State Prison, Judge Orders

Photo: Thomson/Reuters via businessinsider.com

Photo: Thomson/Reuters via businessinsider.com

A Flint, Michigan teenager who opened fire on police officers in 2015 will avoid state prison and instead be placed in the state's juvenile justice system, a judge ordered on Tuesday.

The incident unfolded on June 21, 2015 after officers engaged a group of teenagers in a vacant lot. After identifying themselves as police officers, the group of teens took off running; however, one of the teens began firing a weapon toward the officers.

None of the officers were injured in the event.

A subsequent investigation revealed that a 15-year old suspect was the shooter. He was eventually taken into custody.

After pleading guilty to the crime, Judge Judith Fullerton remanded him into the custody of Michigan's juvenile system.

The teen's sentence is considered "blended," and he can be placed into the state prison system if the judge deems him to not be rehabilitated by his 21st birthday.


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