Police Believe Euless Cop-Killer Waited to "Ambush" Officers

Officer David Hofer;  Photo:

Officer David Hofer; Photo:

Michael Brown, chief of police in Euless, Texas, said on Wednesday that the man accused of murdering Euless police officer David Hofer had fired weapons at a local park and waited in hiding to "ambush" responding officers.

"It is our belief based on the facts known to us…that the suspect took this position to ambush the responding officers," said Brown.

Jorge Brian Gonzalez, 22, had been arrested multiple times throughout his young life and had been arrested just a day before the fatal shooting of Officer Hofer.

Police believe that after Gonzalez was released from jail on Tuesday morning he burglarized a local home and stole numerous guns. Police also believe that he then went to J.A. Carr Park and fired multiple shots in order to inspire police to respond to the scene.

Gonzalez allegedly then hid in a drainage ditch and waited for police to arrive. When Officer Hofer arrived, he noticed Gonzalez and approached the suspect. Gonzalez then opened fire, mortally wounding the 29-year old police officer.

Chief Brown said of Gonzalez, "In my honest opinion, he was there to do as much damage to responding officers as he could possibly do."

The family of Gonzalez, obviously distraught, did not understand why the suspect had been released from jail the day of the shooting, believing him to be still under the influence of drugs.

Jorge Antonio Gonzalez, the suspect's father, told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, “It's their fault. Why would they let him out when he was on that stuff?


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Texas Officer Shot and Killed on Tuesday Was Former NYPD

Officer David Hofer;  Photo: NYPD/

Officer David Hofer; Photo: NYPD/

A Euless, TX police officer shot and killed in the line of duty on Tuesday was formerly with the NYPD, having served for 5 years in the 9th Precinct in Manhattan's Lower East Side.

Officer David Hofer, 29, had responded to a call of shots fired near an elementary school yesterday when he was mortally wounded by an armed suspect.

Euless Police Chief Mike Brown said of the incident, "Upon arrival, officers encountered a suspect with an unknown weapon. The suspect immediately fired upon officers, striking one of them. Officers returned fire, striking the suspect."

Officer Hofer died in surgery after being transported to a local hospital. The suspect also died of injuries sustained in the shootout.

Officer Hofer was engaged to be married. "He was about to get married,” the officer's mother said. “He and Marta (Hofer's fiancée) were planning their future.”


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