Injured Baton Rouge Cop Sues Black Lives Matter for Inciting Violent Ambush

DeRay McKesson;  Photo: Max Becherer

DeRay McKesson; Photo: Max Becherer

Attorneys for a wounded Baton Rouge police officer, injured in the July, 2016 ambush attack that claimed the lives of three police officers, filed a lawsuit against Black Lives Matter and it's leadership on Friday. 

The lawsuit alleges that Black Lives Matter and it's leadership was responsible for the violent attack by inciting violence against police. Black Lives Matter leaders DeRay Mckesson and Johnetta Elzie are named in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit states that Black Lives Matter, "incited the violence against police in retaliation for the death of black men shot by police." It further stated, "In fact, they justified the violence as necessary to the movement and war."

Read more about the lawsuit HERE.


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