New Mexico Deputy Recovering After Being Shot Over the Weekend

A New Mexico deputy is recovering after being shot by a man suspected of being involved in a separate murder.

Andrew Magill walked into the Ruidoso Police Department on Saturday evening making wild claims about being Jesus and having decapitated a woman. Magill also allegedly had blood on his hands.

Unbeknownst to officers at the time, the nearby Lincoln County Sheriff's Dept. was investigating a homicide involving a woman who had been decapitated.

Magill was ultimately transported to a local hospital.

Lincoln County Deputy Jason Green went to the hospital to question Magill when a struggle ensued. Deputy Green's gun fell to the floor and Magill allegedly picked up the gun and shot Deputy Green in the shoulder.

Magill was restrained and taken under control. Deputy Green was treated for his injuries and is expected to survive.

Magill is facing charges of murder and attempted murder on a police officer.


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