BREAKING NEWS: Texas Constable Killed in Ambush Shooting in Baytown

Constable Clint Greenwood;  Photo: Melissa Phillip

Constable Clint Greenwood; Photo: Melissa Phillip

A Harris County Deputy Constable was shot and killed Monday morning in what has been described as an "ambush."

Constable Clint Greenwood was arriving to work at a Harris County annex building in Baytown, TX when he was shot at approx. 7:45 a.m.

Constable Greenwood was transported by LifeFlight to a local hospital but ultimately died from his injuries.

No suspect or suspects have yet been located. 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said of the shooting, "Texas is taking action to strengthen penalties for those brazen enough to commit crimes against law enforcement, and we will send a message that such vile acts will not be tolerated in the Lone Star State."

He added, "I am confident that the perpetrator of this swift and despicable act will be apprehended and that murder will be met with swift justice."


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