Three Seattle Officers Shot, Two Hospitalized, After Harrowing Downtown Robbery

Three Seattle police officers were shot and injured and one other wounded during a downtown robbery on Thursday afternoon. 

The incident unfolded after officers responded to a robbery call at a downtown 7-11 convenience store. The suspects fled the scene and officers gave chase. 

When officers caught one of the suspects, a 17-year old female suspect hit one officer on the head with a bottle. The suspects then fled into a building and exchanged gunfire with officers.

One officer was shot in the chest but the bullet was stopped by her bullet-proof vest. Another officer was shot in the chin and ribcage. A third officer was also grazed by a bullet.

The injured officers were transported to a local hospital in satisfactory condition and serious but stable condition, respectively. 

A 19-year old suspect was ultimately located in the building. He was deceased.

The 17-year old female suspect was ultimately taken into custody along with another 19-year old suspect.


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