NJ Judge Critical of Police Shooting...Even Though Officers Were Under Assault

Judge Martha Royster;  Photo: Michaelangelo Conte

Judge Martha Royster; Photo: Michaelangelo Conte

A New Jersey Superior Court Judge made comments critical of police while presiding over the pre-trial hearing of a man shot by officers in 2014.

Mark Highsmith, 27, was shot by police after he threw a fence post at police officers and subsequently attempted to disarm one of the officers. 

Apparently Hudson County Superior Court Judge Martha Royster felt the officers' use of force was inappropriate given that Highsmith was "unarmed."

"It disturbs me that every time we have misconduct by police officers or inappropriate behavior or rash judgments that the response is that they are acting under pressure," Judge Royster said.

She added, "You are trained. You chose the job when you took it. You are supposed to be learned on how to defuse situations. You are supposed to understand how to deal with the community. You have training on how to deal with unarmed individuals and armed individuals." 

Local police officials, however, disagreed with the judge's comments.

Carmine Disbrow, head of the Jersey City Police Officer's Benevolent Association, said, "Judge Royster's comments seem to offer an undeniable bias against law enforcement, including those who were forced to act in defense of their own lives."


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