Kentucky Man Serves 30 Days Then Given Probation After Shooting Police Officer

 Kenneth Probus;  Photo: Kentucky DOC

Kenneth Probus; Photo: Kentucky DOC

A man convicted of shooting and injuring a Shively, KY police officer in January, 2016 has been released from jail and placed on probation.

The shocking decision by Judge Judith McDonald-Burkman comes just 30 days after Kenneth Probus, 54, was sentenced for his crimes. 

Officers had been at Probus's home to serve a drug-related search warrant when Probus opened fire, striking Detective Wes Singleton. 

Singleton survived the shooting and wrote to the judge requesting that probation not be granted.

"A release after only 30 days would send a chilling signal to law enforcement in this community that their lives and their sacrifices are simply not important in the eyes of the court," Singleton wrote.


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