FL Restaurant Owner Accused of Knowing That Employees Spit in Officers' Food

Photo: via actionnewsjax.com

Photo: via actionnewsjax.com

Employees of a Jacksonville Beach, FL restaurant allegedly spit in the food of police officers and, according to a police report, the owner of the restaurant was aware of what was happening. 

The report alleges that the owner of Cruisers Grill told police that he was aware of employees spitting in the food of officers because "you are all bullies."

The owner's alleged anger toward officers stemmed from an incident in which he received a ticket for an expired registration. The report states that the owner felt that he should have only received a warning and not a ticket.

Local news outlets contacted the owner of the grill and he denied the allegations, stating, "My employees have never done anything like this ever."

You can read the entire police report HERE.


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