Former NFL Star Avoids Felony Charges After Altercation with Police Officer

Joey Porter;  Photo: via

Joey Porter; Photo: via

Former NFL star Joey Porter of the Pittsburgh Steelers avoided felony charges after the Allegheny County District Attorney dropped the aggravated assault charges that he was potentially facing.  

The incident stemmed from a recent altercation where Porter was apparently not being allowed into a nightclub.

After arguing with the doorman of the club, a police officer arrived to intervene.

In the video of the incident, which was only recently released by the website Deadspin, Porter is seen placing his hands around the wrists of the officer and moving him away while the officer was trying to get Porter to leave. 

The president of the Fraternal Order of Police Fort Pitt Lodge 1, Bob Swartzwelder, said, "I find it incredible that charges were reduced prior to a preliminary hearing taking place. I hope every other criminal defendant is given such expedient treatment, or is there something more to this case? If an individual put his hand on a police officer, the charges should stand."


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