MO Congressman Files Lawsuit Seeking to Rehang "Police as Pigs" Painting

The controversy over a painting depicting police officers as pigs hasn't yet gone away even though the "artwork" was removed from the halls of the United States Capitol weeks ago.

The painting had been hung by the office of Rep. Lacy Clay (D-MO) after it's selection by his office as the winner of a congressional art contest.

The painting drew harsh criticism over it's depiction of police officers as animals and was subsequently taken down by a number of congressmen.

It was put back up by Rep. Clay's office but finally taken down for good when the Architect of the Capitol ruled that it did not meet the guidelines for placement in the Capitol.

Now Rep. Clay, along with artist David Pulphus, are suing the Architect of the Capitol, claiming that Pulphus's right to free speech is being infringed. They are asking a judge to order the painting rehung in a busy part of the Capitol complex. 

Read more about the lawsuit HERE.


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