Burglar Shot in Buttocks by Police Now Suing NYPD for $10 Million

Felix Perez;  Photo: NY State Dept. of Corrections

Felix Perez; Photo: NY State Dept. of Corrections

A man shot in the buttocks while allegedly burglarizing a Queens home last August is now suing the New York Police Department and seeking $10 million in damages.

The suspect, Felix Perez, 38, had a long rap-sheet including at least six prior arrests for burglary when he was caught in the home of Queens resident.

He was shot by police while attempting to flee the scene with jewelry and other items in hand. 

Although Perez alleges in his complaint that he was "unarmed and showed no intention of harming anyone nor did I make any hand gestures indicating that I was armed or dangerous," police disagree.

Authorities have stated that Perez was fighting with officers at the time he was shot.


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