Chicago Police Officers Cleared in Congressman's Charge of Racial Profiling

Photo: Chicago Police Dept.

Photo: Chicago Police Dept.

Two Chicago police officers accused of racial profiling by U.S. Congressman Bobby Rush (D-IL) have been cleared of the charges after an investigation.

Rep. Rush alleged that officers had no reasonable basis for pulling him over during an August 4, 2016 vehicle stop.

Officers stated that they pulled Rep. Rush over because his license plate information did not match the vehicle he was driving.

Fortunately, the entire encounter was caught on police body-cam and helped to assist investigators looking into the allegations of profiling.

Rep. Rush's plate, "1" had the small words "U.S. Congressman" also emblazoned next to it; however, another resident with a different car had the plate number of "1" as well, likely leading to the confusion. 

The officers were cleared of wrongdoing and the accusation was deemed unfounded.

Rep. Rush has been in congress since 1993. He was also one of the founding members of the Illinois Black Panther Party.


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