Good Samaritan Helps Save Life of Officer Shot and Wounded on New Year's Day

Photo: via

Photo: via

An Oklahoma police officer seriously wounded in a New Year's Day shooting was spared an even more grave outcome thanks to the help of a Good Samaritan.

Valley Brook Officer Brian Southerland pulled over a pickup truck for erratic driving this past Sunday. When he approached the vehicle, the driver opened fire.

Southerland sought cover as the driver fired his weapon; however, the officer was struck by a bullet that severed a major artery.

The suspect fled in his pickup truck as Officer Southerland lay wounded. 

Three minutes later a Good Samaritan saw the officer and stopped to help. The concerned citizen jumped into action, grabbing a cross bow string and shirt from his vehicle to make a tourniquet.

Another Valley Brook officer soon arrived and also assisted in providing Officer Southerland with medical assistance. Paramedics transported the injured officer to a local hospital where he is expected to recover.

The suspect was later apprehended. 


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