Cuomo Commutes Sentence of "Getaway Driver" in '81 Robbery that Killed Two Police Officers

Judith Clark;  Photo: via

Judith Clark; Photo: via

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo commuted the sentence of the notorious "getaway driver" in an infamous 1981 Brinks truck heist that left two police officers and an armored guard dead.

Governor Cuomo commuted the sentence of Judith Clark from 75 years to 35 years, making her eligible for parole in 2017. Clark had previously been ineligible for parole and was slated to spend the rest of her life in prison.

Lest you think Clark was merely caught up with a bad crowd or at the wrong place at the wrong time, an FBI agent who investigated Clark knows otherwise.

Kenneth Maxwell, one of the FBI agents who investigated the infamous case, said in The New York Post, "Judith Clark was no shrinking violet who got caught up in something that got too big for her to handle — she was a committed domestic terrorist who played an integral role in the planning and execution of the Brinks heist."

Maxwell added, "There’s evidence she was a committed member of The Family — a shady group of avowed communists, former Black Panthers and Black Liberation Army members and lawbreakers affiliated with the Republic of New Afrika and Weather Underground."

Nyack (NY) Police Officers Edward O'Grady and Waverly Brown, along with guard Peter Paige, were killed during the robbery.

Governor Cuomo cited "exceptional strides in self-development" in his decision to commute Clark's sentence.


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