Former Chicago Top Cop Blames Black Lives Matter for Huge Rise in Chicago Violence

Garry McCarthy;  Photo: Jeff Sciortino

Garry McCarthy; Photo: Jeff Sciortino

Former Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy harshly criticized the Black Lives Matter movement on Sunday, accusing the controversial group of sharing in the blame for the unprecedented level of violence in Chicago last year.

"So what's happening, and this is ironic, is that a movement with the goal of saving black lives at this point is getting black lives taken, because 80 percent of our murder victims here in Chicago are male blacks," said McCarthy.

McCarthy also suggested BLM was helping to foster an environment that emboldened criminals and hamstrung law enforcement. 

"The simplest way to describe it is that we have created an environment where we have emboldened criminals and we are hamstringing the police," he added.

Chicago saw it's homicide rate spike in 2016, jumping to 762 murders (a 58% increase over 2015). Chicago also experienced more homicides in 2016 than New York and Los Angeles...combined.


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