Florida Man Arrested After Urinating on Trooper, Yelling, "F--- Trump"

Joseph Murphy;  Photo: Orange Co. Jail

Joseph Murphy; Photo: Orange Co. Jail

Perhaps too much alcohol led a 20-year old man to urinate on a Florida trooper and curse out the President-elect, but that's speculation.

What is known is that a Florida man, identified as Joseph Murphy, was arrested on New Year's Day after officers located the apparently intoxicated man on Disney property.

Murphy was allegedly resisting arrest and refusing to cooperate with police when he was placed inside of a police cruiser. He then began banging his head against the window and shouting, "police brutality."

When officers opened the door to deal with him he allegedly began urinating on the floor of the patrol car as well as the leg of one of the troopers.

The suspect also allegedly yelled several expletives directed toward the officers as well as President-elect Donald Trump, stating, "F--- Trump."

Murphy was booked on charges including battery on an officer, indecent exposure, and resisting arrest without violence.


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