Armed Civilian Comes to the Rescue of Wounded Arizona Trooper

A Good Samaritan came to the aid of a wounded Arizona State Trooper after he found the trooper under attack by a suspect and already suffering from gunshot wounds.

The civilian was traveling along Interstate 10, toward California, earlier this week when he came upon a rollover vehicle accident. The civilian stopped and discovered the trooper on the ground with a suspect on top of him, assaulting him.

The trooper, identified as 27-year veteran Edward Andersson, asked the civilian for help. The Good Samaritan went back to his vehicle and retrieved his gun.

After the suspect refused to stop assaulting the trooper the civilian shot and killed the man.

The trooper was taken to a local hospital with gunshot wounds to his shoulder and chest; however, he is expected to recover.

The incident began after Trooper Andersson responded to a call of shots fired along the Interstate. Andersson came upon the rollover accident and, as he was laying down flares down on the road, was ambushed and shot by an assailant.


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