Speaker Paul Ryan Calls "Police as Pigs" Painting "Disgusting"

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan called the controversial painting depicting police officers as pigs "disgusting" and suggested it violates House rules.

The painting has received a tremendous amount of attention over the past two weeks as congressmen and activists battle over the appropriateness of it's placement in the halls of the U.S. Capitol.

The painting, which among other things depicts police officers as pigs, was the winner of a congressional art competition after being chosen by Congressman Lacy Clay (D-MO).

Since the controversy came to light, the painting has been a political football, being taken down and rehung numerous times.

The painting's ultimate fate may rest in the hands of Speaker Ryan, who leads a panel of congressional members that can ultimately decide on the appropriateness of what is hung in the Capitol.

Some have argued that, although offensive, it is a matter of free speech. Others have argued that it is offensive and has no business being displayed in the Capitol Building.

On the Mike Gallagher Show this morning, Speaker Ryan called the painting "disgusting" and added, "It's not as if you have a constitutional right to hang whatever painting you want."


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