Threats of Violence Follow Controversial Painting's Second Removal from U.S. Capitol

Photo: via

Photo: via

A threat of violence followed the second removal of a controversial painting depicting police officers as pigs that has been hanging in the halls of the United States Capitol.

Congressman Cedric Richmond (D-LA), Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, said after the artwork's second removal, "We may just have to kick somebody's ass and stop them."

Tensions have boiled over since the issue came to light several days ago.

Supporters of the artwork say it is a matter of free speech while critics have called the depiction of police officers as animals as highly offensive and unworthy of placement in the Capitol. 

Congressman Dave Reichert (R-WA), a former law enforcement official, is apparently writing to the Architect of the Capitol, requesting that the painting be evaluated for it's appropriateness to be displayed at the Capitol.

Artwork displayed at the Capitol may not be "sensationally divisive."

Should a dispute over the Architect of the Capitol's decision arise it would be decided upon by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Congressman Kevin McCarthy, and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.


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