Selfless Cop Gives Elderly Woman Personal GPS to Get Home Safely

Officer Virginia Villing;  Photo: via

Officer Virginia Villing; Photo: via

A Cincinnati police officer is being hailed for her selfless act of kindness to a lost elderly woman over the holiday season.

Cincinnati Police Officer Virginia Villing was conducting a vehicle stop prior to Christmas when 71-year old Shirley McKeown stopped to ask her for help. 

McKeown was traveling from Indiana to Florida for the holidays and had become lost. 

Officer Villing decided that McKeown needed a little more assistance than the paper maps she was using could provide so she gave McKeown her own personal GPS device along with instructions on how to use it to get to Florida.

A grateful McKeown did in fact make it to Florida for the holidays and was able to spend Christmas with her family.

Upon arrival, McKewon sent Officer Villing a thank you note along with the $150 GPS device. 

Officer Villing did not expect the device to be returned but was simply happy that McKeown was able to make it home safely.


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