Judge Throws Out Excessive Force Case Against NYPD Officers After Plaintiff Admits to Lying

Lucas Zelaya;  Photo: via nydailynews.com

Lucas Zelaya; Photo: via nydailynews.com

A federal lawsuit alleging that four NYPD officers beat a Brooklyn man was thrown out after the plaintiff admitted to lying under oath.

The revelation prompted a rare public apology from the judge to the police officers.

In the case, Lucas Zelaya alleged that four police officers had attacked him after he had only consumed two beers.

Police countered that Zelaya had been taken into custody after being found stumbling drunk and in possession of an open beer bottle.

After being taken to the station because he had no identification on him, Zelaya allegedly punched an officer after convincing the officer to un-cuff him so that he could use the bathroom.

After the trial began, Zelaya stated, "Now we are in a real court . . . so I am telling the truth because I don’t want to lie to you . . . now that I am before a jury I want to tell the truth."

Judge Frederic Block threw the case out and issued the officers an apology, stating, "I’m a professional also and we have to always be mindful of that and not take umbrage because your time has been imposed upon here inappropriately and I hope that my comments to you would embolden you to continue with your excellent work as police officers and it’s a tough job, we know that.”


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