"Blue Lives Matter" Law Invoked in Arrest of NOLA Man on Hate Crime

Raul Delatoba;  Photo: Orleans Justice Center

Raul Delatoba; Photo: Orleans Justice Center

A Louisiana man has been charged with a hate crime after uttering slurs at arresting officers who had taken him into custody after he broke a window at a French Quarter hotel.

The man, identified as 34-year old Raul Delatoba, was taken into custody after breaking a window at the Royal Sonesta Hotel on famed Bourbon Street.

After being taken to the local police station, Delatoba allegedly uttered pejoratives at arresting officers.

Delatoba allegedly called a female police officer a "duma a-- c---" and another officer a "dumb a-- n-----." 

A warrant detailing Delatoba's arrest included charges of a hate crime, invoking Louisiana's recently enacted Blue Lives Matter law that makes attacks against a person due to their occupation as a police officer a hate crime. 

"The hate crime charge stems from Delatoba's attack on individuals based on their race, sex, and occupation," stated the warrant.

This is apparently the first time a person has been charged with a hate crime under the new Blue Lives Matter law in Louisiana. 


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