Austin Police Officer Dies of Injuries Sustained in Thursday Motorcycle Accident

Officer Amir Adbul-Kali;  Photo:

Officer Amir Adbul-Kali; Photo:

An Austin police officer died on Sunday from injuries he sustained while escorting a funeral procession on Thursday afternoon. The officer was working on his police motorcycle.

The incident occurred when a driver attempted to pull in front of the officer, causing the crash.

The driver was cited on scene for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle; however, the driver could face additional charges.

Officer Amir Abdul-Khaliq, 46, was transported to a local hospital for treatment; however, his condition quickly worsened. Officer Abdul-Khaliq would ultimately die from his injuries on Sunday afternoon.

Officer Abdul-Khaliq had been with the force for 17 years and was a U.S. Marine veteran. He is survived by five children.


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