Walmart Apologizes For Refusing to Make "Blue Lives Matter" Cake

Photo: via

Photo: via

A Georgia Walmart has apologized over it's refusal to bake a "Blue Lives Matter" cake for a police officer's retirement party after store employees implied the cake could be seen as racist.

The incident occurred last week after the retiring officer's daughter sought to have the cake made at a McDonough, Georgia Walmart. 

After describing the cake design the woman was told by a Walmart employee that the cake, "could be perceived as racist and nobody feels comfortable decorating the cake."

The woman eventually went to Kroger to have the cake made but after reports of her experience went viral on social media Walmart tried to apologize.

The woman didn't feel the apology was sincere, however. "I think he [the manager] just did that because, thanks to you all, this got so much attention, and he didn't want it to go farther than it did. The way the meeting was described to me was that it was very scripted and not very sincere."


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