LA Police Commission Says Cops Should Consider Running Away From Armed Suspects

The Los Angeles Police Commission, the appointed body that "serves as the head of the Los Angeles Police Department, functioning like a corporate board of directors," made news this week by suggesting that LAPD officers "redeploy" instead of using potentially deadly force in the face of an armed suspect.

The recommendation came amid scrutiny over a 2015 shooting in which the commission found fault with LAPD officers when they used deadly force against a woman armed with a large knife. The woman charged officers, shouting, "shoot me." 

The commission felt the officers should have "redeployed" and created distance from the charging suspect.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League LAPPL, the union representing police officers, found the commission's decision to be troubling, to say the least. 

In a response to the commission's statement, the LAPPL posted the following:

It sure must be easy to talk about “redeploying” an officer’s position while sipping a Diet Coke or bottled water while sitting in a police-guarded, air-conditioned room, in a cushy office chair, watching the events unfold in slow motion on a big-screen TV.

But that’s not reality. The Commission is becoming nothing more than a politically motivated rubber stamp for the warped worldview of a handful of activists that they pander to. In this instance, only Commissioner Steve Soboroff was willing to let facts and reason prevail.
— Los Angeles Police Protective League


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