Young Man Earns Praise, and Scorn, For Offering Hugs to Police Officers in Charlotte

Photo: Free Hugs Project/YouTube

Photo: Free Hugs Project/YouTube

A young man from California has earned both praise -- and scorn -- for offering free hugs to police officers during the Charlotte protests.

Ken Nwadike Jr, who founded the Free Hugs Project, was in South Carolina when the protests broke out. He made his way to Charlotte and initiated his unique outreach approach. 

Many officers appeared to appreciate Nwadike's gesture, with one saying, "Thanks for being out here and being peaceful."

Some of the protesters were not amused by Nwadike's gesture, yelling and hurling profanities at him for offering the police hugs.

Nwadike responded to some of the angry protesters by stating, "His uniform doesn’t make him a robot just like your skin color doesn’t make you a criminal," as he pointed to officers.


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