Officer's Anonymous Act of Kindness Caught on Tape

Photo: North Bend Police Dept.

Photo: North Bend Police Dept.

An act of kindness on the part of a North Bend, OR police officer toward a homeless man would have gone unnoticed had a dispatcher not seen footage of the incident on CCTV and informed her supervisor.

The incident occurred last week after a homeless man entered the North Bend Police Department to report that his belongings had been stolen.

The man was apparently without shoes and had walked six miles barefoot to get the police station.

That's when Officer Brent Gaither decided to take matters into his own hands. Officer Gaither went to a store nearby and bought the man a pair of boots.

After the man left, the officer went back about his work without mentioning the incident to anyone. A dispatcher that had witnessed the incident brought it to the attention of the Chief of Police.

Chief Robert Kappelman said on social media, "Officer Gaither didn't tell me he was going to do that, he didn't tell me after he did it, and Dispatcher Heather Young took it upon herself to notify me what was happening. Humble and compassionate community policing...that'll make a chief proud!"


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