POLICE UNDER FIRE: Cops Ambushed in Philly, Officers Shot and Wounded in Fort Worth; Philly Suspect Left Anti-Police Note

Police officers in Philadelphia, PA and Fort Worth, TX were shot and wounded in unrelated shootings on Friday; however, evidence suggests that the officers in Philadelphia were targeted.

The incident in Fort Worth occurred at around 8:30 pm after officers responded to a call of a suicidal man. When they arrived they located an unresponsive man with a gunshot wound and were directed to a potential witness in a backyard shed.

As the officers approached the shed they were fired upon. Both officers, identified as Officers Xavier Serrano and Ray Azucena, were struck by gunfire multiple times.

Officer Serrano was seriously injured and taken to the hospital in critical condition. The officers managed to return fire against the suspect.

Both officers are expected to survive their injuries.

SWAT officers ultimately responded to the scene and surrounded the shed. When they located the suspect inside the shed he was found deceased. It is unclear if he died as a result of return gunfire from police or if he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Later on Friday night, a man went on an apparent rampage fueled at least in part by a hatred of law enforcement.

Police say that Philadelphia Police Sergeant Sylvia Young, 46, was ambushed and fired upon as she sat in her patrol vehicle at around 11:20 pm. Sgt. Young suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

The suspect then fled the scene and fired randomly at people inside of a bar as well as in a parked car. One of the injured civilians, a woman, was killed as a result of the gunfire.

The suspect was ultimately cornered by police and officers and the suspect exchanged gunfire. University of Pennsylvania Police Officer Eddie Miller, 56, was struck by gunfire and injured.

The suspect was killed.

Both officers in the Philadelphia shooting were transported to a local hospital and are said to be recovering.

Police later disclosed that they located a note by the Philadelphia suspect that indicated a hatred toward law enforcement.


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