Brothers Accused of Gunning Down Dwayne Wade's Cousin Had Only Recently Been Released From Prison

Darwin and Derren Sorrells;  Photo: Chicago Police Dept.

Darwin and Derren Sorrells; Photo: Chicago Police Dept.

The two brothers arrested in connection with Friday's shooting death of NBA star Dwayne Wade's cousin, Nykea Aldridge, had only recently been paroled from prison and should have been behind bars.

Derren and Darwin Sorrels, 22- and 26-years old respectively, were charged with first-degree murder in Aldrdige's death. Aldridge was pushing her child in a stroller at the time of Friday's shooting in Chicago's Southside.

Darren had apparently just been released from prison and on parole only two weeks prior to the shooting and his brother Darwin, alleged to be a co-conspirator, had only been released from prison in January, 2016.

Darren is alleged to have been the shooter in Aldridge's death. He had only served roughly 4 years of an 8 year sentence at the time of his parole. He was also wearing an ankle-bracelet monitor and only allowed a few hours a day to run errands or look for a job. 

Instead, he allegedly used his time out of prison to gun down an innocent woman.


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