Huntington Beach Cop Saved When Bullet Strikes Badge; Suspect Flees But Dies in Fiery Crash



A Huntington Beach, CA police officer is lucky to be alive today after a suspect opened fire on him and the round struck his badge. 

The incident has been called "one shot in a million."

The incident began early Friday morning after officers were called to the scene of a domestic violence incident. After arriving, a suspect fled in a vehicle. 

Officers attempted to stop the vehicle; however, at one point the suspect exited his car and opened fire on the officers. 

One round from the suspect struck a Huntington Beach police officer but miraculously hit the officer's badge.

The officer was treated at a local hospital but was otherwise unharmed.

A high-speed pursuit to capture the suspect ensued but ended in a fiery crash along the Cajon Pass when the suspect lost control of his car.

The suspect died on scene.


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