FDNY Captain Raps Anti-Police Lyrics, Draws Ire From NYPD, New York Post Reports

Kaseem Ryan;  Photo: via NYPost.com

Kaseem Ryan; Photo: via NYPost.com

A New York firefighter has apparently had a successful career performing as a rap artist on his downtime, the New York Post reported.

While that wouldn't normally be particularly newsworthy in and of itself, the content of some of his music has caused some to raise their eyebrows.

FDNY fire captain Kaseem Ryan, 44, has released numerous songs under the stage-name Ka, and some of those songs include derogatory references to police officers.

The lyrics in one of the songs include the lines, “F- -k them cops and swats with night vision. I see your traps and your plots to dead us, y’all rolling with Kojaks, n- - -a, I got Berettas.”

Some within the NYPD, understandably, aren't amused.

Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Foundation, said of Ryan's music, “The biases he portrays through his music are indicative of what he believes or feels." Mullins added that Ryan should be trying to bring people together instead of drawing divisions.

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