Oklahoma Police Help Autistic Boy Celebrate His Birthday

Photo: via cnn.com

Photo: via cnn.com

When an Oklahoma boy's 3rd birthday party appeared to be falling apart, the police officers of the Yukon Police Department came to the rescue.

Although young Brayden Hubbard's mother had invited upwards of 80 people to the party, people started canceling one-by-one the night before.

Fearing the lack of party-goers would end up disappointing Brayden, who is autistic, an anonymous caller phoned the local police department with an unusual request.

The caller asked if any of the on-duty officers would mind coming by the house and visiting with Brayden.

After verifying the call as legitimate, Capt. Matt Hofer and several other officers came to the party and helped Brayden celebrate.

Brayden's mother was moved by the officers' gesture. "They have done something that will be with me for the rest of my life," she said. "Something I can talk to my son about the rest of his life."


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