Fewer Criminal Illegal Immigrants Being Deported Under New ICE Program, Analysis Claims

Following the tragic death of Kate Steinle in San Francisco on June, 1, 2015, allegedly at the hands of a previously deported illegal immigrant, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) implemented a new program designed to entice "sanctuary cities" to better cooperate with federal authorities in handing over dangerous criminals for deportation.

Turns out the program has been anything but successful, according to a recent analysis of the so-called Priority Enforcement Program (PEP). 

PEP was designed to ease tensions between sanctuary cities and ICE by only requesting the former cooperate in handing over dangerous criminal illegal immigrants. 

Although more cities have begun cooperating with ICE since PEP's inception, fewer criminal illegal immigrants are actually being deported than before. 

A Syracuse University report on the program found that, "The end result is that ICE has not improved its performance through its detainer program in apprehending individuals who the agency seeks to deport."

You can read more about the program and an analysis of it's results HERE.


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