Ohio Boy, 7, Found Trying to Sell Teddy Bear to Buy Food

Photo: via wlwt.com

Photo: via wlwt.com

Police officers in Franklin, Ohio helped a young boy and his siblings get fed after officers discovered the boy trying to sell his teddy bear to buy food on Sunday.

The officers were called to the boy's attention by passersby who saw the boy, alone, in front of a store attempting to sell his teddy bear to buy food.

After officers spoke to the boy they learned that he had not eaten for several days.

Officer Steve Dunham took the boy to a local Subway to get lunch and then officers investigated the boy's story.

A welfare check on the boy's home revealed a house full of garbage, cat urine, and filth. 

The officers also found four other children at the home. The parents, identified as Tammy and Michael Bethel, were arrested on charges of child endangerment and the children removed from the home and placed in the custody of relatives.

Police Chief Russ Whitman praised the officers' treatment of the children, saying the police "treated them like their own kids, and that's exactly what law enforcement does in situations like this. How would we want someone to treat our kids? Hopefully, these officers’ actions change these kids’ lives and maybe change the lives of the parents to become better parents.”


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