Selma, AL Police Stage "Blue Flu" in Protest Over Wages

Photo: via

Photo: via

Selma, AL police officers failed to show up for work on Thursday in what the Chief of Police has described as a "sick out." Others are referring to the work stoppage as a strike.

Officers are apparently upset over the city's failure to provide officers with any pay raise since 2007.

The starting salary for a Selma Police Officer is $12.90 an hour.

Chief John Brock said that none of the officers who called in sick would be punished. Instead, Chief Brock offered perspective on why his officers are so upset.

"The officers want a raise. They’ve been waiting, they’ve been put off for several years and it’s time to put up or shut up,” the chief said.

Brock continued, “Since day one when I took this job, I said to the council that night that they had to give the officers a pay raise. They’ve got bonuses over these last several years but an actual pay raise they haven’t had since 2007.”

Authorities have stated that the citizens of Selma are still being provided with police services as Selma police administrators are working the streets in place of the patrol officers who called in sick.


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