Salem, MA Cop Has Piece of Ear Bitten Off by Assault Suspect

A rookie police officer in Salem, MA was attacked and part of her ear bitten off after trying to take a 19-year old suspect into custody early Sunday morning.

The incident occurred after police were called to the scene of a fight involving suspect Emma Wiley.

As Salem Police Officer Jessica Rondinelli was attempting to place Wiley in the back of her police cruiser, Wiley allegedly lunged her face toward Officer Rodinelli's and bit her ear.

Officer Rodinelli pried Wiley off of her but not before Wiley was able to bite a piece of the officer's ear off. 

Wiley was nonetheless belligerent, yelling that she would have "every one of" the cops killed. She was booked on charges of mayhem, aggravated assault, and assault on a police officer, among others.

Officer Rodinelli was treated at a local hospital but told the missing piece of her ear could not be reattached due to fear of infection.


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