Controversial Banner to Remain at City Hall Despite Vehement Objections by Police

Photo: Erin Tiernan/Wicked Local

Photo: Erin Tiernan/Wicked Local

Dozens of police officers and their supporters rallied in front of the Somerville, MA City Hall on Thursday to protest a "Black Lives Matter" banner situated on the building.

Despite objections by officers and the police union who feel the banner is exclusionary and offensive (given the recent attacks on police officers throughout the nation) the mayor refused to budge.

"That sign is not coming down," said Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone.

Not everyone is in agreement about the banner or the appropriateness of it's placement on City Hall.

Local firefighter Jay Colbert said of the "Black Lives Matter" statement, "Someone hijacked that movement and now it's almost synonymous with killing cops."

Although the controversy has inspired a strong response from disparate voices in the community, the mayor said he was "proud" of the way the residents of Somerville approached their disagreements in a civil way.


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