Fort Worth, Texas Cops Pull Robbery Suspect From Burning Vehicle

A number of Fort Worth, TX police officers are being hailed as heroes after risking their lives to save an unconscious man from a burning car. 

While that may not sound surprising to those who understand the risks that most police officers assume every day they go to work, the incident in Fort Worth had an added element of surprise: the man officers saved was a potentially armed robbery suspect who had just led them on a car chase.

The incident unfolded a few weeks back after officers spotted a vehicle associated to an armed robbery. After trying to stop the vehicle, it led officers on a brief chase before crashing.

Two of the occupants fled and were apprehended; however, one of the suspects was left unconscious in the vehicle. 

Then the suspect car burst into flames.

Not knowing if the remaining suspect was armed, the officers nonetheless jumped into action and pulled the suspect out of the burning vehicle. 

"When the officers pull him from the vehicle, you can see one of the corporals ask him if he's okay. He's unconscious," said Sgt. Marc Povero.

Turns out, weapons were located in the vehicle after all. 

The suspect pulled from the vehicle was treated and booked into custody. All three men are now facing robbery charges.


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