VA Cop Refused Service at Alexandria Noodles & Co.

Photo: via

Photo: via

A police officer in Alexandria, VA was refused service at a local Noodles & Co. after a cook allegedly stated, "I ain't serving that."

The incident occurred on Monday as the officer entered the restaurant in uniform and stood in line waiting to order.

A cook allegedly emerged from the back of the restaurant and stated, "You’re going to have to take me off the line, I ain’t serving that."

The officer realized what was occurring and instead of creating a scene decided to simply leave the restaurant.

Alexandria Police Chief Earl Cook stated, "These are very difficult times right now in our relations with everyone, and to have one of my officers treated in that manner unnecessarily, your first response is anger. Then you calm down a bit and say, let’s just find out what happened.”

Noodles & Co. released a statement saying that the company does not tolerate discrimination if any form.


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