NYPD Cops Called Heroes for Saving Life of 3-Year Old Boy

Photo: Tomas Gaston via nypost.com

Photo: Tomas Gaston via nypost.com

Two NYPD police officers are being hailed as heroes today after helping save the life of a 3-year old boy. 

The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon when a man rushed up to Officer Ariel Zaremba of the 44th Precinct holding his limp 3-year old child in his arms.

The man was screaming for help, so Officer Zaremba and Officer George Lippi immediately checked the boy's pulse and airway.

They began CPR; however, when the boy's condition worsened the officers rushed him to a hospital for professional treatment. 

Medical staff were able to revive the boy; however, his condition has not been released.


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