Man Calls SFPD, Offers $15,000 to Whoever Kills an Officer

An anonymous man made several phone calls to the San Francisco Police Department earlier this week, offering a $15,000 reward to whoever kills a police officer, authorities say.

The first call came into the SFPD on Wednesday evening, with the caller making the strange offer. Dispatchers received anther call early on Thursday morning. 

Although the suspect has not yet been identified, police were working on locating the individual.

The calls come amid a recent spate of national violence against law enforcement officers. In San Francisco, the chief of police recently received personal threats as well.

An SFPD spokesperson said of the threats, "We periodically get threats, so it’s nothing new to us. We just think, in light of the current situation around the country and around the world, it’s brought it a little bit more to the forefront.”


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