Viral Photos Show Dallas Police Officer Shielding Citizen During Thursday Shooting

Photo: Robert Moore via Facebook

Photo: Robert Moore via Facebook

Photos of a Dallas police officer shielding a citizen during Thursday's mass shooting are going viral after the photographer placed them online and thanked the officer for his courage.

Photographer Robert Moore was documenting the police protests in Dallas on Thursday when shots rang out.

He eventually found himself crouching behind a car when the unidentified officer came to help protect him from gunfire.

Moore said that when it was time to try and leave the area, the officer said, "‘I’m gonna stand up. You stand behind me, and we’re gonna back out. He stood in front of me basically to shield me as we exited the area. How do you not thank somebody like that?”

He added, "I’ve never been in a situation where one of the people was serving me so directly and watching out for me."


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