Man Shot and Killed After Breaking Into Off-Duty Cop's Home Over Black Lives Matter Argument

Photo: St. Louis County Police

Photo: St. Louis County Police

A 20-year old man was shot and killed on Saturday by an off-duty Missouri police officer after the man broke into the officer's home. Authorities say that the man, identified as Tyler Gebhard, had been involved in an online argument with the officer, whom he knew through church, regarding the Black Lives Matter movement. 

The argument apparently boiled over with Gebhard using a 50-pound concrete planter to break into the officer's home. The officer's family had to escape out of a rear window while the off-duty cop, a 3-year veteran of the St. Louis County police force, confronted Gebhard. 

Gebhard was shot three times and pronounced dead at a local hospital.  

Gebhard's uncle said that his nephew suffered from bi-polar disorder and often missed his medications, causing erratic behavior. 

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said of the incident, "I don’t think the officer had a choice, I honestly don’t."


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