Seriously Injured CA K9 Walks Again - But Long Road to Recovery Remains

K9 Peydro;  Photo: Tessa Terrill via

K9 Peydro; Photo: Tessa Terrill via

Woodland Police Department K9 Peydro, seriously injured after being hit by a car on May 28, was finally released from the hospital on Monday.

Peydro had been chasing a suspect when he was struck by a vehicle. His injuries were extensive - fractures in his face and skull along with an injured spine. His treatment necessitated a blood transfusion as well.

Veterinarians weren't sure that Peydro would be able to walk again. Fortunately, Peydro has made great progress and was able to walk out of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine on his own.

Peydro's road to recovery is not over, though. He still needs several more medical procedures to get him back to full health.

For information on how you can help Peydro, visit the Foothills K9 Association page HERE


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